Online fundraiser for late Oddy’s family raises N30m in one day

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An online fundraiser for the immediate family of late Ayokunle Odekunle, popularly known as Oddy, has raised roughly N30 million barely a day after it was created.

It was learnt that Oddy died of gastric (stomach) cancer on Friday, December 29, having been diagnosed with the ailment in March 2022.

The Alberta, Canada-based Nigerian lawyer was said to have been called to the Alberta Bar in June.

A check by The Herald showed that the GoFundMe fundraiser organised by social media personality and friend of the deceased, JJ Omojuma on Saturday has raised $32,987 (approximately N30 million) as of 7 am on Sunday.

Further checks showed the sum was realised from 528 donations.

“Ayokunle has had his run. He had a great run. He fought cancer long and hard. Discovered at stage 4, he defied different dates and when he was ready, he passed yesterday in Edmonton. I deduced his last message to me as him signing out, he was ready to go. If you followed him on Twitter, you’d agree he’d come to accept things too, even though he never stopped dreaming and never stopped living. He lived every moment of these tough months and was never sorry for himself. Don’t be sorry for him.

“Khalil, Kamilah and Halima — his two kids and wife — are here. You can be kind to them. Halima will need every help she can get. Most people will ultimately move on from this tragic news and forget about Oddy and his family — it’s not wickedness, it is life — but now that we are about him, let’s do the best we can. Let’s do the most we can for his family. After now, when you remember, do it again,” Omojuwa wrote in the GoFundMe appeal.


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