Pet Parrot May Give Evidence in Owners Rape Case

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A parrot belonging to a deceased woman may be used to give evidence in an upcoming rape and murder trial. The police have the notion that the bird heard its owner’s last words.

A 46-year-old woman, identified as Elizabeth Toledo, was raped and then murdered in San Fernando, Argentina in December 2018. An officer of the police who was guarding the crime scene had heard somebody say, “Ay, no, Por favour, soltame!” which translates to “No, please, let me go!”

When he looked inside the apartment, he found the body lying on the floor, along with a green parrot in a cage.

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The police officer believes that the parrot was repeating its owner’s last words while she was allegedly beaten and raped by two of her housemates.

One of the neighbours of the woman also said that they heard the parrot saying, “Why did you beat me” as one of the arrested suspects fled the house, reported Mirror.

However, the parrot’s “testimony” has been included in the case file by head prosecutor Bibiana Santella.

The prosecutor’s evidence also includes a bite mark on the victim’s forearm which they said matches the bite of one of the accused’s teeth.

The autopsy report revealed that the victim had been beaten, raped and strangulated. She was found lying naked on her back on a mattress on the floor.

Toledo had rented a room to three men in the house she was living in. Housemates Miguel Saturnino Rolon and Jorge Raul Alvarez have been arrested in the case. However, the third housemate who was also a suspect was dismissed from the case after providing an alibi.

The commencement date of the trial is yet to be announced.


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