Patient’s Kidney Mistakenly Removed By Doctor


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A doctor working in St Vincent hospital, Massachusetts, is facing backlash after he mistakenly removed the kidney of a wrong patient.

According to reports, the surgeon removed a healthy kidney from the patient on 20th July, 2016.

The report revealed that the unidentified patient was at the hospital to have his kidney removed following the reports by the surgeon.

During the course of the surgery, the surgeon realized there was no tumour on the patients organ. The organ was removed, and sent to the pathology department which confirmed the kidney did not have any tumour.

This report prompted an investigation on the case by the federal agency which revealed that the two patients with the same name had computerized Tomography scans at a different hospital in the same day.

Further investigation into the issue revealed that the hospital did not follow proper procedure and also found out that the patients records did not have the CT scan report in it.

The State Department of Public Health Division of health care facility licensed found the hospital was not in compliance with the standard of performance improvement, medical record services and surgical services.

The spokeswoman for the hospital has apologized about the unfortunate situation and said steps were being taken to prevent such from happening again.

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