People above 30, more likely to develop acute back pain – Health Expert


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Dr Omoh Akinbode, a Physiotherapist, has said that people aged 30 and above were more prone to having serious back pain.

Akinbode, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Saturday in Abuja, listed causes of back pain to include lack of exercise, excess weight, diseases, smoking, among others.

She described back pain as a very common ailment not only for older persons, but also for young adults, and advised people to avoid movements that twist or strain their back so as to avoid the ailment.

“People suffering from back pains should be careful with how they stand, sit or lift anything,” she advised.

Akinbode disclosed that a person’s physical balance was affected by age-related changes with bones, joints,and muscle problems getting more common.

“Falls may occur, resulting in further damage. Caregivers of older persons should follow safety measures to protect them at home,” she said.

The physiotherapist said that health problems, which result in physical decline, may call for some necessary home modifications so as to minimise the possibility of individuals losing their sense of balance.

“For caregivers or people taking care of their aged parents, there must be modifications in the bathrooms and toilets to minimise accidents,” she said.

On excess weight that could lead to back pain, she advised people to control their cholesterol level so as to maintain a healthy balance. 

“Eating foods high in saturated fat can cause high blood cholesterol, back pain and general body aches. Caregivers are to choose food with low-saturated and trans fat instead, for their older persons.

“Again, no matter the age, it is always good for the elderly to maintain their hygiene routine as it can boost not only their health, but their self-esteem as well.” 

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