Prince Charles To Take On Philip’s Mantle By Queen Elizabeth’s Side


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Prince Charles is expected to take on his late father’s mantle by accompanying the Queen to the State Opening of Parliament.

Following Prince Philip’s death, Charles is to be named the Queen’s official “consort” and will join his mother for the ceremony on May 11.

“It is a clear signal that the Queen does not want the crown to skip a generation and that Prince Charles will start ­taking on an even bigger role in royal life,” a source told Page Six.

The source added: “There will be a visible show of support for the Queen from senior members of the family at future events, and the opening of Parliament is no exception.”

Before The Duke of Edinburgh died aged 99 earlier this month, Charles visited him in hospital and the pair talked about the future.

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In a bedside heart-to-heart, Prince Philip is said to have given Prince Charles advice on how to look after the Queen and lead the royal family.

A palace staffer told The Mirror that Prince William and Kate Middleton are also likely to be taking on more responsibility, saying: “With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex out of the picture, and never likely to return, one would think, this is their time.”

They added: “Without a doubt we are in a period of change. Arguably change at the top with the Queen handing over more ­responsibilities to the Prince of Wales and, of course, William as well.

“It means Kate will be even more front and centre and what you’ve seen over the past year or two is that she definitely has grown in confidence in order to do that.”

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