Senator Ted Cruz Refuses To Wear Mask While Addressing Media (Video)


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Senator Ted Cruz (R – Texas) said Thursday he would not wear a mask while standing before television cameras.

He stated this when a reporter asked him to put one on as he fielded questions during a press conference to discuss Republican Senators’ upcoming visit to the Southern border, where there is a migrant surge.

“You’re welcome to step away, if you’d like,” Cruz, 50, told the reporter.

Scanning briefly across the room, which had reporters and some of his staffers, the senator defended his stance by saying that of them had been vaccinated against COVID-19 and he was following CDC guidelines.

However, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, disagreed with the senator’s assertion of following CDC guidelines.

He read a portion of the CDC guidelines which clearly stated that individuals that had been vaccinated still needed to take precautions while in public places.

Some of these precautions, he read, included wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, and staying six feet apart.

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