Tacha’s Twitter outburst over Davido’s scandalous pregnancy allegations

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Reality TV star and entrepreneur, Tacha Akide, has weighed in on the ongoing controversy surrounding Nigerian music superstar, Davido. With Davido making headlines due to pregnancy allegations made by two women, Tacha has taken to Twitter to express her disappointment with the singer’s crew members for their failure to keep him in line.


The social media frenzy began when Anita Brown, an American lady, claimed to be carrying Davido’s child. To support her claim, she shared evidence in the form of receipts and a video of her pregnancy test. Shortly after Anita’s revelation, Ivanna Bay, a French woman, also came forward, asserting that she is pregnant with Davido’s child. Ivanna provided screenshots of their chats and even a video recording of their call as proof.

Amidst the swirling controversy, Davido has chosen not to directly address the pregnancy allegations. Instead, he took to his Instagram story to promote his song “Unavailable,” which some interpret as a subtle response to the women involved.


Tacha, however, expressed her dissatisfaction with Davido’s team for their alleged failure to keep him in check. She believes they should have done a better job of guiding him and discouraging him from engaging in sexual escapades. Tacha took to Twitter to voice her frustration, tweeting, “This one pains me, sha. People on his team need to do better becauseeeeeee na our IDAN BE THAT!!!!!

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