US Visa: Nigerians lament humiliating application process

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US Embassy, Abuja

If you want to be treated shabby, poorly or unfairly, the place to go would definitely be the American embassy in Lagos, Nigeria. Do not let the American embassy, Lagos happen to you!” is the first paragraph of a March 2022 editorial published by a popular Nigerian online newspaper, Premium Times.

The editorial, which detailed the maltreatment visited on Nigerian applicants by officials of the consulate, noted:

“It’s almost exhausting and must elicit a yawn when listening to the consulate officials do the press conferences and dig about how there are bad rackets causing people to be ‘scammed’. OK, how come other foreign embassies show more regard to Nigerians? Yet, America preaches ‘fairness’, ‘equal opportunity’, alas!

“The consulate is definitely running out of control and Nigerians bear the brunt. Enough!”

Well, the consulate does not appear to have listened as many Nigerian applicants for US visas on Tuesday, April 19, took to social media to lament the “humiliation” they continue to face in the application process.

It all began when a Twitter user, @A_Jaden_ took to the platform to lament the stress she had been subjected to in the process of applying for a US visa, although she did not state what category she applied for.

She wrote: “I really hate the stress of visa application process. It is giving beggy beggy (looks like begging).”

See tweet:

The tweet, liked by more than 7,200 tweeps, also attracted a ton of reactions, many of which described the process as “humiliating”.

They called on the United States government to make the process less tedious.


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