Visa ban: Nigerians react as ‘European countries add additional layer of security check for Nigerians’


Nigerians have expressed their consternation at reports that many European Union countries have begun to tighten security checks for Nigerian passport holders entering their countries.

Ace journalist and frequent traveller, Mercy Abang had taken to Twitter to lament additional checks conducted on Nigerian passport holders in these countries in recent times.

The 2017 UN Journalism Fellow blamed the heightened security protocols on the recent immigrant visa ban imposed on Nigeria and few other countries by the United States government.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, she wrote: “Countries now adding additional security layer for Nigerian passport holders after Donald Trumps US actions.

“Most countries in the EU are now informing Nigerians about an additional security check for passport holders from Nigeria. It is well…”

Reacting, a commenter, Kingsley Nsidibe flayed the present administration’s flaws for the tougher security checks on Nigerians travelling abroad.

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He wrote: “That’s what you get when you have a President that thinks backwards. Just look at how Ghana is progressing under Ado Kuffour? He brings the right ingredients to the table. Leadership is KEY anywhere!”

In the same vein, another commenter, Bassy, called on Nigerians to vote wisely in the 2023 general election for better leadership.

“We deserve everything if only it will give us sense in 2023 but I doubt,” Bassy wrote.

Suggesting that Nigerians’ problems abroad are self-inflicted, Tony Jose-Maria queried, “Should we blame Trump for it too?”

Another commenter, Josh, stated that only a mischievous individual would claim not to know the cause of the additional security checks.

“The thing is very simple, the terrorists are from some known regions. And can easily be spotted,” Val Mary quipped.


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