Withdrawal of US Troops From Syria: Trump Defends Actions

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Many have spoken out against the decision of President Trump to remove the US military from terrorist hotspots: Syria and Afghanistan.

The President, however, has stated that it was necessary as the lives of many of the troops were at risk and that the amount of money spent so far on the war is way too much.

Bringing the troops home was also one of his campaign promises which he has promised to fulfill.

“I inherited a total mess in Syria and Afghanistan, the ‘Endless Wars’ of unlimited spending and death. During my campaign I said, very strongly, that these wars must finally end,” Trump said on Twitter.

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“We spend $50 Billion a year in Afghanistan and have hit them so hard that we are now talking peace after 18 long years. Syria was loaded with ISIS until I came along,” he continued.

“We will soon have destroyed 100% of the Caliphate, but will be watching them closely. It is now time to start coming home and, after many years, spending our money wisely. Certain people must get smart!” he said.

Both Democrats and Republicans do not agree with the President and have even gone ahead to vote on a nonbinding amendment expressing strong opposition to Trump’s withdrawal plans.


Famutimi Femi is a writer for theheraldng. He is also a lawyer by trade. His hobbies include reading and writing, he also loves Renaissance art.

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