Tagbo’s Death: Davido’s friends Narrate what happened on Fateful Night

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The truth concerning the death of Tagbo Umeike has finally been uncovered as the suspects who have been in police custody has filled in the missing pieces as to what happened.

The deceased was a friend of Nigerian pop star David Adeleke, famously known as Davido.

Following ongoing investigations, the Lagos State Police Command had reported that Tagbo Umeike who was in the company of Davido and his crew, died and was dumped in the general hospital by his friends after he allegedly consumed about 40 shots of Tequila.

Recall that Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma took to social media to accuse Davido of being aware of what led to the tragic demise of Tagbo and abandoning him at the general hospital. Her outcry led the police to invite all parties involved for questioning after which three other suspects were detained after interrogations, they were said to be the people who dumped Tagbo’s body at the hospital while Davido was let go after being cleared of all accusations.

The suspects whose statements completely exonerated Davido were detained and are in police custody, they are; Davido’s police security detail, Tunde Yussuf, his friends Busari Idris and Agbeja Olaoye.

According to a police source, there was no need to detain Davido, pointing to a dead end in efforts to bring charges against the music star over the controversial death of his friend, as all evidence acquired through the course of the investigation cleared him of all allegations.

“Tagbo is an adult and was not forced to consume that quantity of alcohol that is dangerous to his health. He had nothing to do with his death, rather investigation revealed that he was even more concerned about the safety of the deceased while he was still alive”, the source stated,

The suspects who were held at the Police State Criminal Investigation Department Panti confessed that they dumped the body and fled the hospital after the doctor has confirmed Tagbo dead for fear of being implicated by the police.

According to one of the suspects Yussuf who is a spy policeman, and was posted to work for Davido as part of his security details.

He said that; “On the day of the unfortunate incident, we had gone to a party with the pop star at a club known as Shasha Room where we met Tagbo already drunk.

“After spending some time, we moved to Oniru beach where Fuji music star Wasiu Ayinde was to perform at a birthday party that night.

“We expected Tagbo to go home since he was already drunk but was surprised that he followed us to that place too.  Moments later, one of Davido’s boys informed us that Tagbo was not okay.

“Davido then requested that we should take one of his Hilux vehicles and follow those taking Tagbo to the hospital. As soon as we got there, the boys who took Tagbo to the hospital rushed in to call the Doctor”.

“He was still in the car when the doctor came out and checked him and then said that he is dead. Moments later, the boys came out and told me that it was time to get out of the hospital.”

Another suspect Olaoye who drove in the car with Tagbo before he died told the police that he ran away to avoid being treated as his killer.

According to him, “Tagbo was at the party long before Davido arrived and there was so much free drinks. He demanded tequila and probably to show that he can consume a lot and still stay sane, took several shots of the drink.”

“As at the time Davido wanted to leave the party for another one, Tagbo was already drunk and violent. Davido was concerned about his plight and offered to carry him in his car but was advised against it because he was drunk and already misbehaving. We advised him to go home but he insisted that he was going to the beach party with us . He then joined our car which was part of the convoy. It was while they were there that he started screaming and gasping for breath.”

“We Davido through the boys who were around him and they were told that Davido said that he should be taken to the hospital immediately. On our way, i also noticed that one of Davido’s security men followed us to the hospital.”

Olaoye claims that Tagbo was still breathing when they arrived at the hospital but died before they could run inside to get help.
He said after filing the forms the doctor asked them to wait as people in charge of this kind of case were on their way

Olaoye said knew that they were referring to the police, so they all decided to run away from the hospital.

Olaoye maintained their innocence and told the police that they ran away that night because in Nigeria, “even if it is clear that you had nothing to do with the death of someone, as long as you were at the scene, they will lock you up and accuse you of murder.”

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