Angela Okorie Reveals She Left Marriage Because She “Fell Out of Love”

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Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has opened up about the reasons behind her decision to end her marriage with Chukwuma Orizu, citing a loss of love as the primary factor. The revelation came during a podcast interview hosted by fellow actress Iyabo Ojo.

Angela Okorie

According to Okorie, she reached a point where she no longer felt love for her estranged husband. However, she emphasized that he was a good man. The actress explained that the pressure from her husband’s family, who disapproved of her career in entertainment, contributed to the breakdown of the marriage.

In the podcast, Angela Okorie stated, “For me, I fell out of love. “My ex-husband was a good man. I fell out of love because of what his family was doing. The family didn’t want me to continue acting. They didn’t want me to do anything acting. They were like, ‘If we are going to marry you, you’ll stop doing entertainment.’

She further highlighted the conflict arising from the family’s insistence that she abandon her acting career, and her ex-husband’s supportive stance. Despite her ex-husband being in favor of her pursuing her dreams, the actress felt compelled to end the marriage due to the pressure exerted by his family.

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