Coronavirus Victims Were Burned Alive in Wuhan – Report


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A disturbing report from China has alleged that Coronavirus victims in Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus were burned alive in Funeral homes.

According to a report from Radio Free Asia, locals in the city say they heard screams of people being burned alive from funeral home furnaces in the city.

Several local Chinese who were treated for Coronavirus at the Hospitals also said they witnessed Coronavirus patients being put in body bags while still alive.

The reports are yet to be confirmed as the Chinese Communist Party has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations. However, during the early days of the viral outbreak, Chinese officials had advised cremation as the best way to dispose of corpses who died from Coronavirus.

According to local Chinese, it also became unofficial state policy to give priority to younger patients over older ones in other to create bed spaces in overcrowded Hospitals in Wuhan.

Reports further allege that the older Chinese were often shipped off to incinerators while conscious and alive because they were less likely to survive the viral infection.

According to a source in the Wuhan funeral industry simply identified as Ma, several infected persons were forced into body bags while they were still animated.

“Some people are saying that … there are video clips of screams coming from funeral homes, from inside the furnaces … which tells us that some people were taken to the funeral homes while they were still alive.”

“One old lady was saying that they put one guy into … a body bag when he wasn’t even dead yet, and took him off to the crematorium because there was no way of saving him,” he said.

This will not be the first report regarding Coronavirus victims in Wuhan, China but all of them remain unconfirmed.

People across the globe have called on China to pay other countries for damages because the virus originated from China and spread across the globe.

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While China’s official death toll stands just above 4,000, reports say the real death toll stands at over 50,000 dead.

The US and other Western countries have also accused China of concealing real data and figures about the effect of the Coronavirus on its population.

A video circulated back in February where an old woman alleged that a patient next to her had been stuffed into a body bag while he was alive.

“He’s not dead, his feet and hands are still moving. “[They] wrapped him in a plastic body bag and zipped it up.”

She said further in the video that the man was still moving when medical workers bound his head, hands and feet which were still animated.

She accused the hospitals of not providing actual treatment for patients except respirators.

According to her the older patients at the hospital where she was admitted were treated like dead dogs.

When reports of mass cremations began to surface in February, Chinese authorities refused to allow people pick up the remains of their loved ones until late March.

When the doors of the funeral homes finally opened, 5,000 sets of ashes were being delivered to people daily.

It is estimated that around 46,000 people have supposedly received the ashes of their loved ones although many were mislabeled and given to the wrong next of kin.

A resident found a man’s belt clasp in the urn that supposedly contained the ashes of her mother. Another resident found ceramic dental fixtures in the urn labeled with her father’s name even though he never had such fittings done while he was alive.

It was further alleged that the funeral parlours carried out so much cremations that some of their incinerators broke down due to the sheer amount of corpses.

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