Daily Devotion: Awake From Slumber

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Topic: Awake From Slumber

Bible in One year: Leviticus 8-10

Fire Scripture:  Romans 13:11-14


Motivational Quote:

God has given every man ideas that can create wealth but financial chains have programmed many lives to dwell perpetually in the valley of poverty. Financial chains must go!


The fact we are considering in today’s devotional study is that you cannot fulfill your destiny when you remain in deep slumber.

Witches and powers of darkness look at many of us in amazement, because they don’t sleep. They don’t need coffee to remain awake.

I know of a fellow, a child of the devil who decided to hold a vigil against a person for one month. From midnight to 3 a.m, he was cursing the man. However, the person being cursed was busy sleeping, until he started seeing himself walking into a coffin.

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If you are the kind of person who sleeps so heavily that you cannot wake up at the first tap, you need deliverance, because it means you are going deep down to the level where anything could happen to your spirit man. If your spirit man can sleep that deep, then there is a problem.

Paul said they were sleeping and had to wake up. If physical slumber is very bad, what about spiritual sleep?

When you lose the battle of the bed, you will lose all other battles. Satan has destroyed so many good things because of sleep. When you are addicted to sleep physically, it is bad. But it is even worse when it is transferred to the spirit man. Sleep gives the enemy a chance to sow tares.

While men sleep, many human tragedies occur. For example, fire, hurricane and tornadoes, which sweep homes and cities away, strike sometimes before the victims wake up.

So, period of sleep is a time of insecurity and you cannot protect yourself at that time. It is a time of inactivity and a time of delusion when you assume that all is right only for you to wake up to see a great change.

Beloved, we need to be aware of the dangers of spiritual slumber, as great damages may occur during this time. This is so because, the enemy is usually at work then. God is speaking to you. Awake!

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