Father Of Late Singer, Mohbad, Speaks Up on His Son’s Demise

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The untimely demise of Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, widely known as Mohbad, on Tuesday, September 12, sent shockwaves through the music industry and beyond. As questions surrounding the cause of his death continue to loom, Mohbad’s father, Mr. Joseph Aloba, has come forward to share an emotional interview, shedding light on his close bond with his late son and a haunting dream he had before the tragedy unfolded.


In a candid conversation with renowned content producer @og_baba1, Mr. Joseph Aloba offered a glimpse into his unique relationship with Mohbad, one that extended beyond the traditional father-son dynamic. He fondly referred to his son as “Oladimeji,” signifying a deep connection forged over the years. Mohbad’s passing has left an indelible void in the heart of his father.

During the interview, Mr. Aloba recounted his last interaction with the late musician, which took place just days before the tragic incident. He revealed that he had visited Mohbad at his residence, sharing a meal with his son. This father-son moment was marked by warmth and generosity, as Mohbad presented his father with a gift of money, a gesture that had become a cherished tradition between them.


In a haunting revelation, Mr. Aloba disclosed a dream he had two days before the tragic incident. In this dream, he witnessed someone attempting to harm him with a firearm, narrowly escaping the bullet’s trajectory. Little did he know that this unsettling vision would foreshadow a devastating event in his life.

Addressing the circumstances surrounding his son’s passing, Mr. Aloba mentioned that he had heard reports suggesting that an auxiliary nurse had administered an injection to Mohbad, raising concerns about the potential consequences of this medical intervention.

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