FG Takes Custody Of Ese, As She Refuses To Return To Bayelsa


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Eight months after her abduction, Fourteen-year-old Ese Oruru is now in custody of the Federal Government.

Allegedly abducted by one Yinusa, a long standing customer of Ese’s mother, Mrs. Rose Oruru, Ese was taken to Kano where she was converted to Islam and married by her abductor.

Ese’s release which was as a result of the “Free Ese” campaign launched by news agency, PUNCH, on Sunday, which was widely received by Nigerians across the country and beyond, the widespread acceptability and support led to the quick response of relevant authorities which quickened the release of the girl.

There is however a fresh dilemma brewing as the young woman says she will like to remain muslim and married to Yinusa.

She has said she does not want to return to Bayelsa.

Read that report here.

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  1. Oduche Azih says


    Says Ese, “I was not abducted by anybody. I want to be a muslim.”
    That’s very correct. Freedom of choice. Freedom of religion. Freedom to convert from Christianity to Islam. And also freedom to convert from Islam to Christianity. Freedom to do so as many times as one pleases without compulsion, let or hindrance. Most wonderful!

    Now the news update:
    FG Takes Custody Of Ese, As She Refuses To Return To Bayelsa

    Ese must have said, “I don’t want to go back to Bayelsa” or something to that effect, like most runaways would.
    The above is the clincher which all those who do not see anything wrong with Ese’s “abduction” must have been waiting for. . We don win-oo!

    Note that neither the entire north nor the Muslim ulaama has yet come out solidly to support or justify Ese’s removal from what was supposed to be the warm embrace of her parents. That notwithstanding, it is perhaps appropriate at this time to point out that almost all our northern state Houses of Assembly have sided with their representatives in the Senate and the House of Reps at Abuja in resisting the passage of the Child Right Act, with ex-Gov Yerima in the lead. How then can anybody talk about Ese’s rights, especially coming from a part of our country where the basic right to good health (read immunization) and education at the most fundamental level is not guaranteed? I nearly wept watching Kano State Governor, Ganduje on television lament that the Federal Government was NOT RUNNING the Special Almajiri schools. I had assumed that I was not hearing right. Our problems are truly immense.

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