“I never intended to speak on you or your child“ — Anita Brown apologizes to Chioma

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Anita Brown, the American woman who previously made controversial claims about being pregnant with Nigerian singer Davido’s child, has taken to social media to issue a public apology to Davido’s wife, Chioma Adeleke.

Anita Brown

This gesture comes after weeks of derogatory comments made by Brown towards Chioma on various social media platforms. She had previously insinuated that Chioma had undergone plastic surgery to enhance her physique, making disparaging remarks about her appearance.

Additionally, she implied that Davido might not have married Chioma if not for the tragic loss of their son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, who drowned in a swimming pool in October 2022. Anita had also released a song advocating for what she termed Chioma’s freedom from what she portrayed as a ‘toxic situation’.


In her recent Instagram post, Anita Brown acknowledged that she is currently facing a challenging and traumatic period in her life, though she did not elaborate on the specifics. Expressing remorse for her previous actions, she admitted to letting her own pain and feelings of betrayal lead her to act against another woman. She directly apologized to Chioma, emphasizing that she never intended to speak ill of her or her child. She also recognized the deep emotional pain of losing a child and being hurt by someone you love.

Anita concluded her post by expressing a desire to focus on bringing positivity into the world and requested peace and love as she moves forward.

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