iPhone 8: Teenager apologises after exposing father to ridicule online

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The 18-year-old girl who caused her father to be insulted on social media after recording and sharing a video of the manner he refused to buy her an iPhone 8 as birthday gift has apologised for her action.

The teenager had shared the video on her TikTok account, ‘Pretty Yoruba Girl’, but it quickly spread to other social media platforms and many netizens berated her father for the manner he rejected her demand.

She captioned the video:  “POV: Your birthday is coming, and as a responsible girl, you asked your dad for iPhone 8″.

Her father could be heard reprimanding her over the demand, suggesting that she might sell her body if she desired an iPhone, and stressing that girls hellbent on using such phones are morally corrupt.

The dad further noted he had yet to see anything that showed his future was secured with her, a comment that drew harsh criticism from many social media users.

However, in a fresh video, the TikToker apologised for her action.

Looking contrite, she said she made the new video to publicly admit that what she did was wrong, adding that she was not meant to record her parents’ reaction to her demand for the iPhone 8.

“I saw it as a normal content video and did not know it would go viral as much as it did,” she said.

She explained that she did not expect anyone to “drag” (insult) her parents because of the video, because it was never her intention for recording or posting it in the first place.

She said she made the request for an iPhone 8 because she got too excited about her birthday.

She also said she did not fail WAEC or JAMB as insinuated by many online commentators, stating that she has not gained admission because she refused to accept any other course apart from the one she put in for.

“The hate comments are too much,” she lamented.

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