JUST IN: Kim Jong Un, North Korean Dictator reportedly dead


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North Korean President, Kim Jong Un is rumoured to be dead according to a report by Hong Kong Satellite Television.

Meanwhile, another Japanese magazine claimed that the North Korean dictator was in a vegetative state after undergoing a major heart surgery in early April.

Vice Director, Hong Kong Satellite Television (HKSTV) who cited a “very solid source” claimed that Kim Jong Un was dead. HKSTV Vice Director who is reportedly the niece to China’s Foreign Minister, announced Kim’s death via a social messaging app ”Weibo” to her 15 million followers.

Some senior  party sources in Beijing also alleged that Kim’s stent operation went terribly wrong due to the Surgeon’s unsteady hands.

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According to Daily NK,a Seoul-based website, fears began to grow after Kim Jong’s absence became conspicuous at country events. On April 15, the North Korean Dictator was noticeably absent at the birthday of his grandfather and the founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung which is one of North Korea’s most celebrated holidays.

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