Nigerian Military Ranked 43rd Best In the World, Higher than Denmark, Croatia

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Nigerian army

The Nigerian military has been ranked as the 43rd best in the world in the latest Global Fire Power ranking.

The Institution takes into cognizance of “over 55 individual” to determine a country’s ‘Power Index’ score.

The Nigerian military’s 43rd place puts it above a number of European countries including: Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Bulgaria, Austria, Ireland, Macedonia, Finland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Albania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Within Africa, Nigeria’s military is ranked number four behind Egypt, Algeria and South Africa.

Egypt is the closest to cracking the top 10 as they sit in 12th place which is down from last year.

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Algeria is in the number 23 spot while South Africa takes the 33rd spot

The Nigerian military is in the 43rd position out of 136 countries ranked and an in-depth look into Nigeria’s military personnel shows some impressive stats.

Nigeria is credited with having a total of 181,000 Army officers with 124,000 in active service while 57,000 are in reserve.

The United States remains the best military might in the world with Russia and China making up the rest of the top three.

India takes the interesting number 4 spot which places it over the United Kingdom and France.

The Nigerian Military has a Power index score of 0.7509 (with 0.0000 being the highest).

You can check out the full list here

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