Stars Find It Hard To Get True Love – Kenny Blaq


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Popular comedian, Kehinde Otolorin popularly known as Kenny Blaq has identified difficulty finding true love as one of the greatest downsides to being a star.

He added that since breaking into the limelight, many women only see him as a popular comedian, not as Kehinde Otolorin.

Also, he identified another downside to being a star as the inability to move freely without fear of kidnapping.

In an interview with Saturday Punch, he said, “It is hard for a star to find true love. For instance, if I say that I want to get married today and I don’t have a girlfriend, it would be difficult to get a girl that loves me for who I am because everybody loves Kenny Blaq.

“It is really tough finding someone that really loves you. Besides that, I don’ t have privacy anymore because I cannot take a walk on the street without being afraid of kidnappers. I am scared they might kidnap me.”

However, he said stardom has not really affected him in that he still does some of the things he loves, and still hops on commercial motorcycles.

Kenny Blaq, who shot into limelight barely three years ago through Ali Baba’s January 1st concert, revealed that stardom has helped him identify his true friends.

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