Sugar Fuels Your Anxiety, Reduce it

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We all know that an excessive intake of sugar can cause a lot of health complications in our bodies, its no secret. Yet we still find ourselves daily indulging in the sweetest stuff.

Because of the numerous effects it has, health professionals always emphasize on  its reduction in our diet. It is known to play roles in causing diabetes, obesity etc.

Apart from its effect on diseases and others, sugar has also been discovered to have serious impact on mental health.

Here are some of the harmful effects that sugar has on our mental health and cognitive development.

  • It has significant impacts on mood

Seeking ways to get extra energy during the day, most of us switch to sweet stuff for that ‘sugar rush’ or extra boost. But studies have made it clear that sugary stuff have no positive effect on our mood. It says that a high-sugar diet can cause both incident and recurring mood disorders in men and women alike. One study showed that consistent consumption of saturated fats and added sugars can increase feelings of anxiety in persons.

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  • It can tamper with your stress-coping ability

Sugary foods can weaken the body’s ability to effectively respond to stress feelings. It beats down the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis in the brain and takes control of an individual’s response to stress. Although, eating sweets can bring temporary relief, an excessive intake can result into obesity and other chronic diseases.

  • It can increase your risk of depression

Studies have shown an association between sugary foods and depression. Excessive consumption of sugar can trigger an imbalance in some brain chemicals which in turn leads to depression while also increasing your risk of having mental health disorders in the long run.

  • It sucks away brain power

Research has shown that an excessive consumption of sugar rich diets can significantly impair brain function and cognitive behaviour including memory and decision making.

Instead of seeking refuge and taking comfort in sweets or sugary foods, let us opt for whole foods and fruits – healthier choices.

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