Temi Otedola Opens Up About Her “Brokest” Moment During $50 Spending Challenge Vlog

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In a recent vlog featuring Temi Otedola and film producer/director Korty EO, the fashion entrepreneur shared insights into the financially challenging phase of her life. The vlog focused on the duo spending the day on a budget of $50, with Temi taking it up as a challenge, contrary to Korty’s perspective of it being a typical day in her own life.

Temi Otedola

During the candid conversation, Korty prompted Temi to reveal her most financially constrained moment, and Temi didn’t hesitate to share. She recounted an incident from her teenage years, precisely when she was 15, and her mother withheld her pocket money.

Temi delved into the details of her “brokest” moment, describing how she took matters into her own hands by working at retail stores, specifically folding clothes. The fashion influencer revealed that she had a target of earning over $1200 by the end of the summer, considering the hard work she put into her job.

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