Tips For Fast Tracking Your Wedding In This Economic Recession


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Today I really want to write on a very sensitive issue as regards the emotional torture many ladies go through in the hands of guys who use recession or lack of funds as an excuse for not wanting to take the bold step.

Do you know that most times when a guy of marriageable age says “I am not ready”, what he is actually saying is that he is not financially buoyant at the moment to have a grand wedding ceremony and not that he is not ready for marriage proper.
It is quite amazing that many ladies of marriageable ages find it so convenient to be used as unmarried wives by guys in the name of lack of financial readiness and the lady will even support the guy’s stands yet he is always ready to do what a husband does to a wife on the lady and she will gladly play along hoping that when the guy is finally ready, he will marry her.

Most ladies tend to realize too late how foolish they have been because in many cases, the guy in question usually dumps them for another lady when “he is finally ready” after using them in a reckless manner…

So what exactly can be done to remedy the situation especially during this very difficult times of economic turbulence?

Yes, there are some people who have the money to organize very lavish wedding ceremony and this piece is not for those set of people but it is for the majority of ladies out there who dream of a very flamboyant wedding and all the razzmatazz that comes with it yet have a guy who can’t afford such flamboyant wedding at the moment.

I can’t seem to understand the rationale behind the flamboyant wedding ceremony culture of Nigerians and despite the economy situation ,many ladies still make it a do or die affair when it comes to having a grand wedding even when citizens of countries with good economy only go for a low key wedding but what many Nigerian ladies should know is that most expensive weddings you see in Nigeria are sponsored.

Nevertheless it is the dream of most ladies to have a grand wedding and every man owes his woman one but who says you can’t have a wedding even when the funds are unavailable for a grand wedding? Must you wait until you have big money for a grand wedding before getting married? Does it not make sense to find a way around an expensive wedding for the time being and settle for a low key one rather than continue to allow a man use you in the name of courtship or lack of readiness?

My point is this, most guys don’t ever think about marriage as long as they are enjoying the benefits of a married man so If you have a man who claims to love and desire you and you also desire him please stop wasting time and stop getting used and do the needful as long as both of you are bringing something to the table and he has a decent apartment of his own.

1. Do a decent introduction
2. Let him pay a decent bride price on you
3. Go to the registry
4. Settle down as a couple and start a life together
5. Build your life and save up for a grand wedding.

You may say I’m blabbing but the truth is that I have heard of many guys who dumped ladies that have waited so long for them and i have also heard of ladies who left a man they desire and who also desires them because there is a guy somewhere who seem to be ready for a grand wedding ceremony. Be with a man you truly desire and who also wants you and understand that true wealth is progressive and not sudden and it is better to have a low key wedding for the time being than allowing one guy to use you as an unmarried wife and probably dump you for another lady whenever he is ready to have a grand wedding ceremony.

I hope this makes sense.



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