VIDEO: Access Bank branch called out for giving bulk cash to ‘special customers’ while others wait in vain


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Amid rising tensions over the cash crunch in the country, some Access Bank customers have slammed the bank over alleged preferential treatment shown to some ‘special customers’.

In a video that circulated on Tuesday, a customer stands in front of a branch of the bank in Ifako area of Lagos.

The narrator who is just outside the gate of the premises slowly pans his camera to show some customers emerging from the bank’s premises.

The male narrator said, “This is Access Bank, Ifako. While a lot of customers are standing outside to have access to the ATM, the security guards locked the compound, the access to the ATM, took some people inside, collected their ATM cards, and have been giving them money in bulk.

“(Pans camera) Here they are. Look at the people they allowed in. They allowed these people in to give them access to bulk cash while their customers are out there restricted from having access to the ATM.

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