Driverless Flying Taxis To Launch In Dubai Soon

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The United Arab Emirates, UAE, has announced its plan to bring ground breaking technology into transportation with Dubai’s pla to launch a new fleet of flying taxis.

The transportation breakthrough comes in line with its technological advancement which includes the world’s first rotating skyscraper and 3D printed office.

Speaking on the transportation breakthrough, Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority, RTA, revealed that the driverless flying taxis are small enough to fit a car’s parking space when folded up.

The department further revealed that the one-seater passenger drones were made by Chinese company, Ehang, and are set to debut as from July this year.

The drones which are electrically powered are branded the ‘Ehang 184’ and have already been tested hovering the above sand dunes near the city’s airfield.

Speaking at the unveiling of the transport drone in Las Vegas during the 2016 CES gadget show, Ehang founder and CEO, Huazhi Hu said: “The 184 provides a viable solution to the many challenges the transportation industry faces in a safe and energy-efficient way.”

The Ehang 184 is powered by eight propellers and according to the manufacturers, the ‘184’ is code for ‘one passenger, eight propellers, four arms.

The Ehang 184 s expected to travel a distance of 100 kilometers in one hour.

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