Five Weird Food Combinations That Nigerians Eat

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Food is good for the body, providing energy, nutrients and medically valuable substances that keep our bodies running.

We all love food –irrespective of our views over its consumption (by this, I am duly referring to the large spectrum food consumers such as the anorexic on one end and the gluttons on the other).

However, there has to be a balance to the meal in such a way that all the classes of food will be duly represented in proportions that will strengthen our immune system and keep our body in its best possible shape for the daily rigors of life.

Unfortunately, Nigeria isn’t a country that dwells much on the classical representation of a balanced diet as we can already have heard in media or witnessed in reality.

A classical example of this is someone who goes to an eatery and fills his plate with predominantly carbohydrates (I was fortunate to witness one who bought rice, spaghetti and yam in one plate) much to his disadvantage and yet when you ask the victim (I use the term “victim” here because he is probably a victim of misinformation on his part), he’ll probably tell you he needs to fill his stomach for longer and provide more energy for labor (For some awkward reason, the people that I have seen do this are usually laborers).

That particular meal inspired this piece on some of the most awkward meal combinations that Nigerians have taken in stride and added to their “to eat menu”.

1. Rice and Okro/Ogbonor soup

2. Rice, Spaghetti and Yam

3. Beans (with sugar sprinkled into it) and garri

4. Beans and noodles

5. Noodles (indomie usually) and Bread.

I must confess that Nigerians are ridiculously creative with their meals….but sometimes the creativity borders on a bit on insanity as well…



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