Pros and cons of dating on Omegle chat and its alternatives


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For over twenty-five years, online dating has been rapidly gaining momentum. The dating site was launched in 1995, and since then it’s grown massively. Then when the first anonymous video chat site, Omegle, was released, interest in online dating grew even more. Today, almost every Internet user has met someone online at least once. Many have found good friends here or even their soulmate.

Omegle: pros and cons for the average user

Naturally, any dating service has its advantages and disadvantages. If we’re talking about Omegle, there are a few obvious advantages:

  1. The service is completely free, so you won’t have to pay extra for any features.
  2. Registration on the site is not required. A few clicks and you’re chatting with new people.
  3. A really large audience, which has increased even more during the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine conditions.
  4. Almost equal numbers of men and women on the site. There is a slight tilt towards male users, but it’s insignificant.
  5. Anonymity and confidentiality — Omegle doesn’t collect any data from its users.

Of course, there are some obvious drawbacks, which become especially apparent when you look at the newer Omegle alternatives. Among the most significant are:

  1. No gender or geographic filters. You can only choose your language.
  2. Hardly the most effective moderation. It’s better than on some other platforms, but still far from ideal.
  3. Omegle only has a web version. There are no official mobile apps and little concrete information about their future development.
  4. A slightly outdated design that today looks little archaic, and isn’t the most intuitive.
  5. Quite a large number of fakes, bots and advertising accounts. This, again, has to do with moderation.

For many users their familiarity with the chat roulette format begins and ends with Omegle. This is quite logical, but if you want more useful features, it is worth considering Omegle’s alternatives.

Popular Omegle alternatives you should try

The first alternatives to Omegle began to appear in 2009, soon after the original site launched. Developers, seeing the rapid growth in popularity of chat roulette, rushed to create their own alternatives and lure part of the audience to their sites. Many really succeeded.


Chatroulette was the very first alternative to Omegle, and appeared only six months later. The site grew in popularity very quickly and gathered a huge audience. That’s for good reason, because Chatroulette was a fast, convenient and very functional site at the time of launch, allowing you to communicate with strangers without restrictions. But from the very beginning it had one serious drawback — an almost complete lack of moderation. This meant that only a year after launch, the site was flooded with problem users, and the original audience moved to other sites. In 2020, Chatroulette underwent significant upgrades, introduced artificial intelligence that blocks inappropriate content, and paid more attention to moderation. But this anonymous video chat site is still very far from its former glory.


A very popular alternative to Omegle, the main advantage of which is a fully realised gender filter. You initially select your gender, after which the system tries to select suitable chat partners for you. There’s also a field for entering your interests, and there are chat rooms, in which you can converse with several people at once. But there are only two disadvantages. The first is moderation — although it’s better than Omegle, it is not perfect. And the second is paid access to chat with only girls, although for the majority of users this will not be an obstacle.


A simple but interesting alternative to Omegle. The site is minimalist and user-friendly. You simply indicate your gender and location, press “Start” and chat with the partners the system selects for you. Additional benefits include automatic translation of text messages into the language you specify, and OmeTV branded applications for Android and iOS. The disadvantages include perhaps less than thorough moderation, but as you may have figured,  this is the problem with most free video chats.


TinyChat is not exactly a classic chat roulette, but rather a streaming service. The user can start a broadcast and viewers will connect to it. This is a good option for those looking for a new way to communicate. But it’s far from the best if your goal is to find new friends or a soulmate. For that, it is better to give priority to classic chat roulettes. In addition, TinyChat has a rather busy interface, which makes it tricky to use at first.

Omegle Alternative

A great alternative to Omegle for men who only want to meet girls. Firstly, the site connects them exclusively with the opposite sex, which is a great time saver. Secondly, all girls go through identity verification when registering. This means that on Omegle Alternative there are no fakes, bots or advertising broadcasts, and moderation is at the highest level. Full access to all the tools and features of Omegle Alternative is paid, but there is a free trial period.


As the Emeraldchat developers themselves say, their service is the “new Omegle”. It uses a search system to let you find people by interest, and there is a text and video chat, plus a group chat. You can also exchange photos and media files, which is a rarity for chat roulettes. In addition, Emeraldchat has its own bot protection system, which works quite well. There are no obvious flaws in the site, except for the lack of mobile app for more convenient communication.


Camsurf is more like OmeTV than Omegle. Design and function are almost identical. You specify your gender in the same way and press “Start”. There’s no location search, but it has branded applications for iOS and Android. Camsurf is a good choice for those who want to easily meet and chat using their smartphones.

How to choose the optimal Omegle alternative for yourself

The best way is to try out different chat roulettes, see their pros and cons for yourself, and experience the audience of each in person. This is the only way you will find the services that suit you best.

We advise you not to limit yourself only to free chat roulettes. Investigate the paid alternatives too — access to them is cheap, but moderation and features are much better. And the audience, as a rule, is much better.

Can you limit yourself to just Omegle? Of course. Indeed, the audience of this video chat site has greatly increased over the past year. But remember the disadvantages we mentioned at the beginning of the article. For some, they may be a deal breaker, so we advise you to consider alternatives, and among them there may be the perfect site for you.

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