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The Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly ‘Finprints’ Of The Whales In US Equities

The Whales have been busy in US Stocks, as usual, indices have

Volatility ($VIX) Closes The Month Lower As Stocks Continue Their Winning Streak

The volatility index has been on the decline most of this year

Risk On Falters But Persists As US Dollar And US 10Y Bond Yields Turn Southward

Investors kept bidding the equity markets higher throughout last week and even

Top Wall Street Bull Stays Bullish On Equities As $VIX Spikes At The Lows Of 2020

Many strategists have pointed to AI as the driving factor for stocks

The Probability Of A Market Meltdown Spikes As VIX Fails To Close Below 2020 Lows

At the close of the market on Friday, the 'fear' index, also

The Fear Index ($VIX) Begins To Flash Red As It Arrives At COVID-19 And 2008’s Lows

The $VIX has finally reached a major level and something big is

USD Poised For June Bounce Back After 34 Week Record Loss

The USD (greenback) continued it 3 week losing streak as the dollar

$VIX Hits COVID-19 Lows, Erasing The Largest Percentage Gain of Fear in 20 Years- What Now?

The "Fear Index" is now at the 14 year old lows of

Market Wrap: NFP Mixed, $AAPL $1 From All Time High And Volatility Sits At Oversold Levels

It was a rather quiet trading week but the implications of the

A Closer Look At The ‘A.I Fueled’ Tech Rally And The Macros For And Against It

The die is cast for the bullish narrative in the market but

Strong ‘AI Chasing’ Bulls Keep The Market Climbing Over A Wall Of Worries

The major indices have been climbing in spite of a strong US

The Closing Bell- US Dollar Resurgence On The Day Weighs Down on Commodities

The greenback made it's presence felt in the session on Thursday as

The Closing Bell- CPI Looms, DXY Rallies As Investors Price In A Drop In Inflation

The CPI release is due out on Wednesday with the consensus expecting

The Closing Bell- US Black Unemployment Hits Record Lows, Equities Regain Ground

US unemployment among Black Americans dropped to record lows of 4.5% in

The Closing Bell- Oil Down 12% On The Week As The Fed Hikes Rates By 25bps

Oil continued it's bearish trend and wiped out all gains made on

The Closing Bell- Oil and US Regional Banks Journey South As Volatility Finally Stirs

With the FOMC looming tomorrow, recession fears are ramping up as investors

The Closing Bell- May Day Blues Hits First Republic Bank, Dollar Bulls Reemerge

First Republic Bank is the latest US bank to fail, in a

Weekly Risk Gauge- Oil Drills Lower, Tech Surges As Utilities and Staples Wane

Investors continue to maintain their bullish stance as they bid the US

The Closing Bell- Dollar and Bank Stocks Climb as Oil and Volatility Recede

US Equities, barring the Nasdaq held their ground today despite a rampant

Is the Santa Rally A Myth Or Fact? We Take A Look At What 18 Years Of Data Shows

The bullish propensity of US equity markets in the last week of

After Mooning 56%, what now for First Citizens BancShares $FCNCA?

The bank announced a purchase of a large portion of Silicon Valley

Risk Gauge- US Dollar Recovery Loses Steam As Market Volatility Drops -14%

Risk appetite got a boost last week despite uncertainty in the markets.

Euro Gains Versus the Dollar on Decreasing Volatility and climbing Yield Differential

On February 27th, a hotter than expected inflation number of 8.5% came

$SPX Closes the Week Higher as Volatility Tanked and the US Dollar Declined

US equity indices regained some of the loses made over the last

$SPX on the Cusp of Weekly Recovery Despite Resurgent Dollar Strength

"Correlation does not imply Causation" -Karl Pearson-   $SPX, $VIX and Options

$SPX Reclaims Some Ground as US dollar Drops -0.59% on mixed data

The stock indices recovered some of their previous week's loses as DXY

Risk Gauge (02/27/2023) $SPX, Industrial Metals bleed as USD and Bonds Rally

Dollar strength continues to gain strength and weakening stocks but will investors

US Stock Indices Lose 11.45% on the Week as Dollar Strength Continues

The US stock markets bled this week as the US dollar continued

End of Day Market Report (02/22/2023)

The dollar continued to strengthen on strong US economic data today. The