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Arsenal Football Fan Crypto Token $AFC Jumps $1 As Gunners Retain Title Hopes

The much talked about Arsenal Football Club Crypto Fan Token, which launched

Oil and Energy Stocks Looking Overpriced As Investors Rotate Into Defensive Stocks

Institutional investors began aggressively rotating out of growth stocks into defensive stocks

Rate Cut Hopes “In The Mud” As CPI Inflation Numbers Come in Scorching Hot

Treasury yields remained elevated a day after a very high CPI inflation

IC Zoom Group Inc $IZM Explodes From $8 to $33.50 in 8 Days

IC Zoom Group Inc $IZM, the third highest percentage gainer of the

Macro Rotational Headwinds Punch A Hole In The Sails Of The S&P500 Rally

The first quarter of the year 2024 saw the S&P500 ($SPX) gain

Oil Rally’s $6 As War Escalations Continue. Here’s What Could Happen Next

Over the course of the last 2 weeks, the price of the

Oil Fundamentals Begin To Align With Bullish Spread Close On $WTI And $BRENT

After a long time spent in doubt, it is becoming apparent to

Yahoo Finance Oil Stock Picks Continue To Rally As Oil Gains 1.47% On The Day

The S&P 500 $SPX fell about 0.3% Monday, while the the Dow

Oil-Equities Spread Closes As Stocks Drop In Tokyo and London and Oil Catches a Bid

At the closing bell last week, the price of $WTI crude oil

Stocks Stay Bid Even As Bond Traders Drop High Yield Corporates For 10Y Bonds

Stocks kept kicking up today even as Investors are waiting to see

Yahoo Finance’s Best Oil Stocks To Buy In 2024 Soar On Record Oil Profits

In late January 2024, Yahoo Finance published an article about their views

Cathy Wood Disagrees With Nigerian Government On Binance Executive’s Detention

Oliver Renick sat down 1-on-1 with Ark Invest’s $ARKK Cathy Wood in

Nasdaq Fails To Cross 2023’s High As Commercials And Metal Traders Remain Aloof About Rally

Worrying signs began to emerge in the Nasdaq (NQ1!) at the week's

Mercedes -Benz Introduces Concept Electric CLA Class With A Better Range Than Tesla

German auto giant Mercedes-Benz introduced a new and unparalleled long-range electric vehicle

The Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly ‘Finprints’ Of The Whales In US Equities

The Whales have been busy in US Stocks, as usual, indices have

Nasdaq Bears Remerge At Last Week’s High During The Frankfurt Open

Some measure of selling pressure emerged on the $NDAQ throughout the Frankfurt

Japan’s 25 Year Battle With Deflation Finally Reaches An Inflection Point

Japan's economy may be at an inflection point in its 25-year battle

Fed Prepared To Raise Rates Further As Nasdaq Fails To Clear Last Week’s High

The Nasdaq continued to follow a risk-off narrative as Investors were waiting

Renewed Strength In US Economic Numbers Threatens Equity Gains Of 2023

The US unemployment claims showed that 9000 people less than the forecast

Italian Millionaire Banker Openly Calls Out Cheating Bride At Lavish Banquet

Italian 'elites' were left reeling after millionaire banker, Massimo Segre, accused his

India Becomes The 4th Nation To Successfully Land On The South Pole Of The Moon

Chandrayaan-3 Moon Landing Successful: India has created history as it became the

EV Maker VinFast Auto’s ($VVFS) Share Price Doubles Despite Weak Fundamentals

VinFast Auto Ltd. ($VVFS) gained nearly 200% in share price value yesterday, 

‘Sad’ Music Tops Gen Z’s Spotify Searches This Summer

The power of music cannot be overstated and its influence on our

Cathie Wood At Odds With Michael Burry And Warren Buffet As Market Risk Rises

A quicker-than-usual sell-off in technology stocks and a surge in Treasury yields

Risk Off Flashes On As Volatility Spike Pulls Equities, Oil, Bitcoin and Gold Down

It has been a very interesting week so far in the capital

Hawaiian Electric’s Stock Continues Slide To 40 Year Low As Fire Concerns Rage On

Shares of Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc. ($HE)  Today dropped to their lowest

Hawaiian Electric Down 62% As Questions About Possible Role In Deadly Fire Arise

Hawaiian Electric Industries ($HE) is currently speaking with restructuring advisory firms about

US Dollar At Critical Point As Bond Spreads Close and JP Morgan Stays Bullish

J.P. Morgan strategists have a bullish dollar bias, and think that expecting

105 Year Old Trucking Firm, Yellow ($YELL), Files For Bankruptcy

 U.S. trucking company Yellow Corp's ($YELL) shares drop 45% to $1.97/share premarket

Nikola Corporation ($NKLA) Tops The Volume Gainers List On US Exchanges

Nikola Corporation ($NKLA), an American manufacturer of heavy-duty commercial battery-electric vehicles, fuel-cell