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Rate Cut Hopes “In The Mud” As CPI Inflation Numbers Come in Scorching Hot

Treasury yields remained elevated a day after a very high CPI inflation

The Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly ‘Finprints’ Of The Whales In US Equities

The Whales have been busy in US Stocks, as usual, indices have

Fed Prepared To Raise Rates Further As Nasdaq Fails To Clear Last Week’s High

The Nasdaq continued to follow a risk-off narrative as Investors were waiting

Renewed Strength In US Economic Numbers Threatens Equity Gains Of 2023

The US unemployment claims showed that 9000 people less than the forecast

Cathie Wood At Odds With Michael Burry And Warren Buffet As Market Risk Rises

A quicker-than-usual sell-off in technology stocks and a surge in Treasury yields

Risk Off Flashes On As Volatility Spike Pulls Equities, Oil, Bitcoin and Gold Down

It has been a very interesting week so far in the capital

US Dollar At Critical Point As Bond Spreads Close and JP Morgan Stays Bullish

J.P. Morgan strategists have a bullish dollar bias, and think that expecting

The Dollar Remains Under Pressure As US10Y Yield Loses Ground Against The Majors

The dollar index held below 100 on Tuesday after losing more than

Dollar At 3 Month Low With Upward Pressure From Bonds, As Inflation Data Looms

The US Dollar has revisited its 3-month low as it continues to

Dollar Set To Strengthen As US10Y Treasury Spreads From 2022 Begin To Close

At the end of 2022 the US10Y treasury yield closed up, having

FOMC Meeting Minutes Approach With The Dollar Index At a Key Level

In one hour, the FOMC comes up and the Federal Reserve is

$VIX Hits COVID-19 Lows, Erasing The Largest Percentage Gain of Fear in 20 Years- What Now?

The "Fear Index" is now at the 14 year old lows of

Japan’s NIKKEI 225 Inches Toward 34 Year High- Could A Bearish Whale of Whales Be Lurking?

Deflation in Japan began to take hold in the 1990s but it

Market Wrap- Oil Gaps $5 On OPEC Cuts, Japan Stocks Approach 34 Year Record As $AAPL Soars

The trading week started off with a massive gap up on both

Market Wrap: NFP Mixed, $AAPL $1 From All Time High And Volatility Sits At Oversold Levels

It was a rather quiet trading week but the implications of the

US Dollar Bullish Sentiment Dampens As FOMC And Employment Take Center Stage

As the week comes to a close, investors look to tomorrow's employment

$GOOG Ends May Up +14% And Gets Across Major Hurdle In It’s Way To Its All Time High Of $152

Alphabet ($GOOG) closed above key resistance as the month of May ended

$PLTR Fails To Close Above Critical Resistance Despite Biggest Monthly Gain In Years

The data fusion platforms developer saw it's share price surge but closed

Strong ‘AI Chasing’ Bulls Keep The Market Climbing Over A Wall Of Worries

The major indices have been climbing in spite of a strong US

The Closing Bell- US Dollar Stays Bid As China Expands De-Dollarization Push

The US Dollar held it's gains for the second straight week, despite

Big Tech, Led By $GOOG, Defies The Strong US Dollar and Huge Volatility Spike

$GOOG continues to build on it's +11% gains from last week, in

The Asian Session- Yen Strengthens As Risk Off Trade Caps Off The Week

Flows out of high beta currencies into low betas cap off the

The Closing Bell- US Dollar Resurgence On The Day Weighs Down on Commodities

The greenback made it's presence felt in the session on Thursday as

The Closing Bell- CPI Looms, DXY Rallies As Investors Price In A Drop In Inflation

The CPI release is due out on Wednesday with the consensus expecting

The Closing Bell- Oil Rallies on Canadian Output Cuts as $VIX and $DXY Stay Flat

From wild fires in Canada to upticks in Chinese demand, oil took

Weekly Risk Gauge- Equities, Bank Stocks And Commodities Under Risk Off Pressure

The closes from last week put the risk on asset classes under

The Closing Bell- US Black Unemployment Hits Record Lows, Equities Regain Ground

US unemployment among Black Americans dropped to record lows of 4.5% in

The Closing Bell- Oil and US Regional Banks Journey South As Volatility Finally Stirs

With the FOMC looming tomorrow, recession fears are ramping up as investors

The Closing Bell- May Day Blues Hits First Republic Bank, Dollar Bulls Reemerge

First Republic Bank is the latest US bank to fail, in a

Weekly Risk Gauge- Oil Drills Lower, Tech Surges As Utilities and Staples Wane

Investors continue to maintain their bullish stance as they bid the US